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We know that debt plays a negative role in the lives of many Americans. If we're being honest, probably too many. That's because getting into debt has gotten easier and easier over the years. For example, a generation or two ago it was fairly common for a college student to help pay their tuition in full by simply working a part-time job. Now, college students are graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

The same could be true for the use of credit cards. A few generations ago there was more than enough money in a weekly paycheck to meet your expenses. However, now people find themselves turning to other means to help make ends meet.

Due to situations like these, many Americans are forced to use credit cards and other forms of high-interest credit just to meet their bills. This is leading to a debt crisis of epic proportions.

This is why Logan Funding has made it our goal to help as many people get out of debt as possible. We believe that the more Americans who are debt-free, the better off we will be as a society. Let's take a look at how we go about helping our clients get debt-free.

The Logan Funding debt-relief strategy starts with just two words: personal loan. A personal loan is just what it just sounds like, a loan that can be taken out and used for personal reasons. Sometimes these loans can be used to fund large expenses or help cover moving medical/moving expenses. However, they are also very effective when used for debt consolidation.

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You have multiple credit cards that you have used for discretionary spending over the years. You have every intention of paying them off but due to the high rates of interest charged by credit card companies (as high as 25% in some cases), this proves to be incredibly difficult. You make a substantial monthly payment toward each card but the majority of your payment only goes towards paying off the interest. In reality, you are paying very little toward the amount owed and are paying off your debt at a snail's pace.

We know that taking out another loan to problems with debt might sound a little counterintuitive but bear with us. There are quite a few benefits to paying off all of your credit cards and replacing them with a personal loan.

We'll be honest with you, we didn't invent personal loans. They have been a popular financial tool for years. In fact, we're sure that if you made a few calls you could find a dozen people who offer them. So why should you choose Logan Funding?

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How Much Can You Save?

We guarantee that giving Logan Funding a call will be one of the best financial decisions that you can make. If getting debt-free is something that you have been trying to achieve then there is no time to waste and nothing to lose.

If you give us a call today, here is what you can expect from the entire process from start to finish:


"Debt has always been a problem that I've had and I felt like no matter how hard I worked, I could never escape it. That's obviously before I heard of Logan Funding. They were able to offer a few solutions that I had never even thought of and put me in a much better place than I've ever been!"

Ray Fletcher
Ray Fletcher
Garland, Texas

"Logan Funding is by far the best debt-relief company in the industry. I've tried a few other companies and wasn't impressed by Logan Funding exceeded my expectations from start to finish in every aspect."

May Baldwin
May Baldwin
St. Louis, Missouri

"If debt plays a negative role in your life then you need to give Logan Funding a call. Their reps are incredibly thorough and polite and I really felt like they were doing everything they could to help me out."

Bradley Townsend
Bradley Townsend
Madison, Wisconsin