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Logan Funding Will Solve Your Debt Problems

We know that debt plays a negative role in the lives of many Americans. If we're being honest, probably too many. That's because getting into debt has gotten easier and easier over the years. For example, a generation or two ago it was fairly common for a college student to help pay their tuition in full by simply working a part-time job. Now, college students are graduating with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

The same could be true for the use of credit cards. A few generations ago there was more than enough money in a weekly paycheck to meet your expenses. However, now people find themselves turning to other means to help make ends meet.

Due to situations like these, many Americans are forced to use credit cards and other forms of high-interest credit just to meet their bills. This is leading to a debt crisis of epic proportions.

This is why Logan Funding has made it our goal to help as many people get out of debt as possible. We believe that the more Americans who are debt-free, the better off we will be as a society. Let's take a look at how we go about helping our clients get debt-free.

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The Logan Funding Debt-Relief Strategy

The Logan Funding debt-relief strategy starts with just two words: personal loan. A personal loan is just what it just sounds like, a loan that can be taken out and used for personal reasons. Sometimes these loans can be used to fund large expenses or help cover moving medical/moving expenses. However, they are also very effective when used for debt consolidation.

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Debt consolidation is the process of taking multiple high-interest sources of debt and replacing them with one source that has a much lower rate of interest. Imagine this scenario:

You have multiple credit cards that you have used for discretionary spending over the years. You have every intention of paying them off but due to the high rates of interest charged by credit card companies (as high as 25% in some cases), this proves to be incredibly difficult. You make a substantial monthly payment toward each card but the majority of your payment only goes towards paying off the interest. In reality, you are paying very little toward the amount owed and are paying off your debt at a snail's pace.

- Instead of fighting this uphill battle

simply take out a personal loan and use that to pay off all of your credit cards in full at once.

We know that taking out another loan to problems with debt might sound a little counterintuitive but bear with us. There are quite a few benefits to paying off all of your credit cards and replacing them with a personal loan.

Here are a few of the benefits of using a personal loan:


Low interest

Personal loans are known for carrying incredibly low rates of interest, usually around 4-5%. As a frame of reference, credit card rates can be as high as 25-30% and student loans can be anywhere from 8-10%. When it comes to loans, a difference of a few percent can be the difference of thousands of dollars, especially over the length of an entire repayment period.



Dealing with only one lender, as compared to 2 or 3+, can make the entire process of repayment much simpler. You won't have to worry about getting hounded by collections agencies or forgetting to make a payment.


Concrete repayment plan

Since you know exactly how much debt you have and who you owe it to, it becomes much easier to attack your repayment. It's a little bit like trying to get out of the woods when you're lost. If you just wander around aimlessly then you might quickly lose hope that you will never get out. However, if you have a map and know exactly where and how far you need to walk then suddenly you will be motivated to get out as quickly as possible.

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Why Logan Funding?

We'll be honest with you, we didn't invent personal loans. They have been a popular financial tool for years. In fact, we're sure that if you made a few calls you could find a dozen people who offer them. So why should you choose Logan Funding?



The whole reason that you're here is to get out of debt, right? Well, when it comes to the success record of clients, Logan Funding is by far the industry leader. Keep in mind that just because a company offers personal loans, it does not mean that they will be able to get you the best rate. However, Logan Funding has years of experience when it comes to negotiating and pulling every string possible to minimize your interest rate. This means that if you give one of our reps a call then you can expect to receive the lowest possible interest industry-wide.



When you call Logan Funding, we do our absolute best to make sure that you feel like you are part of a family (a family that is growing by the day). You can trust that we will not try to close you over the phone or use any type of "hard sell" tactics. Instead, if you give us a call then you can expect an honest and beneficial conversation that has one goal: to help you eliminate debt from your life entirely.



Not only does Logan Funding go above and beyond to get you the best interest rate possible but we do it faster than anyone else. You can expect the entire process, from your first call to when the money hits your bank account, to take only a few days. We know that your bills don't stop coming in, so you don't have time to waste waiting on your personal loan.

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How do I get started?

We guarantee that giving Logan Funding a call will be one of the best financial decisions that you can make. If getting debt-free is something that you have been trying to achieve then there is no time to waste and nothing to lose.

If you give us a call today, here is what you can expect from the entire process from start to finish:

call a logan funding rep

Call a Logan Funding rep

As we mentioned, our reps don’t believe in hard-selling and we don’t even use a commission-based structure. Instead, you can expect a friendly and informative call.

determine if a personal loan is right for you

Determine if a personal loan is right for you

There’s always the chance that a personal loan is not the right option for you. If that’s the case then you can trust us to advise you correctly and let you know what the best option is. However, if a personal loan fits your financial profile then we will get you on the fast track to getting approved.

enjoy your debt-free life

Enjoy your debt-free life

We always say that we want you to call us but we want it to be a call that you only have to make once. That’s because after you’ve called Logan Funding, you should have everything that you need to reclaim your life and get back to the way that things were before the debt.

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What Our Clients Says About Us.

"Debt has always been a problem that I've had and I felt like no matter how hard I worked, I could never escape it. That's obviously before I heard of Logan Funding. They were able to offer a few solutions that I had never even thought of and put me in a much better place than I've ever been!"

Ray Fletcher
Ray Fletcher
Garland, Texas

"Logan Funding is by far the best debt-relief company in the industry. I've tried a few other companies and wasn't impressed by Logan Funding exceeded my expectations from start to finish in every aspect."

May Baldwin
May Baldwin
St. Louis, Missouri

"If debt plays a negative role in your life then you need to give Logan Funding a call. Their reps are incredibly thorough and polite and I really felt like they were doing everything they could to help me out."

Bradley Townsend
Bradley Townsend
Madison, Wisconsin
- Interested?

Call Logan Funding today!

If getting debt-free is one of your goals then give Logan Funding a call today. At the worst, we will be able to recommend a few strategies that you have worked for previous clients to help them get debt-free. At the best, we can help put you on a concrete plan to get debt-free.

We’ve seen it time and time again but you’d be surprised how much difference a year or so could make. If you put your trust in us then by this time next year you could be in an entirely different situation financially. You’d be on a path to getting debt-free, less stressed, and able to return your focus to the things in life that are the most important to you.


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